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Sports & Fitness

Indulge in your favourite sport with a wide range of gear that will help you stay fit. With several leading brands to choose from, enthusiasts have some serious decisions to make!

  • Sports Gear

    Sports Gear

    Put your best foot forward with our exclusive selection of sports gear for cricket, football, tennis and badminton. With several leading brands such as Vector X, Nivia, Black Panther, Fitz and Jonex to choose from, feel confident to score big time playing your favourite game.

    For sports lovers, there is a selection of gear available to you from our Own Brand, Tru Sports that promises to amplify the thrill of sporting action.

  • Sports Shoes

    Sports Shoes

    Lace up in style as we line up a selection of latest sports shoes just for you. With colors and styles from Nike, Puma, Fila, and Lotto that suit every mood imaginable, there’s something for everyone.

  • Personal Fitness

    Sports Shoes

    No matter what you’re training for, we can help you develop the strength and confidence you need to reach your goals with our wide range of Personal Fitness equipment from brands such as Turbuster.