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Tech Talk

All-weather cameras

The allure of going on a trekking tour in the rainy season is commonplace. Cameras are a must-have for such occasions, but they can also fall prey to extreme weather conditions. All-weather cameras are designed to withstand harsh weather, including sub-zero temperatures.

A good all-weather camera is a good investment to make, as it can withstand water, low temperatures and physical shocks. These cameras come in various price ranges, and also come with several innovative features such as HD video, geo-tagging and Wi-Fi connectivity.

While choosing your camera, check its ruggedness with features specified by the manufacturer. To measure how shock-proof the camera is, check the height specified from which it can withstand a fall, or the amount of crushing force. Waterproofing is usually measured by the underwater depth that the camera can withstand. Finally check the temperature range. Some typical all-weather cameras can withstand a 2-metre drop, a 100 kg crushing force, -10 degrees celsius temperature, and can be taken up to 15 metre underwater.

For simpler travel requirements, a water-proof camera should suffice. If you are an intrepid traveller and are likely to go scuba diving or trek to high altitudes, make the all-weather camera one of your essential accessories to take along.