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Style Tips

Dress up for the monsoon

Although the monsoon season is not synonymous with trendy fashion wear, there are some simple tips that can make you stand out on the street.

Soft cottons, mixed fabrics and net are most suitable for this season. For the style conscious, shorts and skirts are ideal to prevent mud stains.

Since there is limited sunlight, floral prints and bright colours could be your way to shine under the clouds. Avoid chiffons and crepes if you don’t want a crinkly, wet look. Another way to look different is to go for non-linear cuts for dresses and tunics, which are bound to make you look good.

Go for ready-to-wear, simple dresses with shorter hemlines, shirts and kurtis. Replace your long dupattas with trendy scarves. You may also want to learn new ways to fold and tuck in your garments. For accessories, go for bright coloured bags in reds, blues, greens and lemon yellow.

The umbrella is the most visible style icon during monsoons, and the choices come in many colours. We suggest polka-dotted umbrellas and bright colours that provide a good contrast to the dark weather.

On the footwear front, shun leather and hit the street in style with crocs and slippers in bright colours. Avoid flip-flops if you don’t want splash marks on your clothes.

Tip for the season: Go for waterproof make-up and smudge-free kajal.