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Healthy Cooking

Stay Healthy

Everyone loves the monsoon season, but it is also the time when flu and viral infections tend to spread like wildfire. Precautionary measures are therefore a must to stay healthy this season. Here are some simple tips that can go a long way in keeping you healthy and fit during this season.

It’s difficult to avoid crunchy snacks, but you can always go light on them. Home cooked food and snacks are far more hygienic than the tempting roadside food. If you like, add garlic and turmeric to your menu to boost immunity. Go for yoghurt instead of milk, and include seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Remember to wash vegetables thoroughly, especially while making salad. Wash your hands too before you reach out for food.

Opt for well-cooked sprouts and pulses if you want to increase your protein intake. Eat light, and not in huge quantities, since digestion is usually weak in this season. Try to avoid oily food, and lessen salt intake. A good way to spice up and make beverages healthy is to add mint or ginger.

Eat well, but above all, stay safe and healthy.