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Decorating Lives

Monsoon decor

The monsoon season, with excessive humidity and lack of sunlight, can make an ordinary room appear gloomy. This calls for a careful modification of inside décor. Follow these simple tips to give your home a brighter and more cheerful look.

The first step is to ensure your home stays clean by placing a stand for umbrellas, raincoats and wet shoes near the entrance.

Change the curtains from heavy fabrics to light cottons, preferably in white or translucent colours. This will allow more light to come in and improve ventilation. For bed sheets, go for warmer colours. Living room furniture can be badly affected by humidity, so avoid leather. Dry fabric is ideal for sofa covers and cushions. Floral patterns on pillows can make the room come alive.

The dining space can do with a simpler, off-white colour to make it feel cosy, while table mats can take on warmer colours. If you like to experiment with crockery colours, single acrylic shades are in vogue.

For the floor, coir mats are a must for all entrances. Rugs and carpets are most sensitive to humidity. So it makes sense to replace woollen or Persian rugs with bamboo or jute carpets.

Finally, enjoy a little more greenery in the room by bringing in your plants indoors. This will liven up the atmosphere and also protect the plants from receiving excess water during heavy rain.